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Perfect for holding and hiding your hair underneath any wig, this item is made of 100% nylon 'stocking' type material which is a comfortable stretch fit. It will stop any stray hairs ruining an otherwise perfect disguise.

For normal length hair, the hair should be covered by the wig cap, smoothing out any lumps. Hair in front of the ear should be combed behind the ear and tucked into the wig cap, using a little hair gel if needed for shorter hair.

If you have very long hair, you could perhaps negate the use of a wig cap if you have the time to braid it. Otherwise or for hair with lots of wisps or when you intend using a wig for longer periods of time, a wig cap is recommended.

One size fits all

  • Material: Nylon
  • Packaging: Polythene Wrapper
  • Product Suitability: Adult Specific Item - All Ages Over 15 Years
  • Hygiene Packaged: For hygiene reasons we politely ask our customers not to open or try-on this product until they are happy it suits their needs. Any item returned might not be refunded if found to be worn
  • Does the job!

    February 9, 2016, by Lorraine T - Northamptonshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Great, I brought two, one for me and one for my young daughter, who has loads of hair and they worked for both of us.

  • Exactly as described

    January 21, 2016, by Christine W - Kent, UK - United Kingdom

    Great for keeping your hair neatly under a wig. Arrived quickly.

  • wig cap

    January 7, 2016, by Gina V - Northamptonshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Good and practical.

  • wig cap

    November 8, 2015, by Dawn H - Norwich, UK - United Kingdom

    Was fine, did what it said on the bag.

  • Get what you pay for

    November 4, 2015, by Emma Louise L - Bristol, UK - United Kingdom

    It fitted well. Even with my long thick hair.

  • wig cap

    November 3, 2015, by S H - Dorset, UK - United Kingdom

    Perfectly adequate, excellent value.

  • Net

    November 3, 2015, by Karen C - Kent, UK - United Kingdom

    It was very good, allowed me to keep hair in place so that the wig sat comfortably.

  • wig cap

    November 2, 2015, by Julia W - Cheshire, UK - United Kingdom

    brill helped keep hair in place all night under wig.

  • Wig cap that stays in place!

    October 7, 2015, by Iffer A - London, UK - United Kingdom

    Wig cap that fit my head perfectly and didn't roll up and fly across the room while getting ready for a night out. Also didn't tear after 3 uses like other caps I've used.

  • Very good service

    August 17, 2015, by Chris T - Leicester, UK - United Kingdom

    Does the job.

  • Wig cap

    August 8, 2015, by Michael C - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom

    Did what it's supposed to do!

  • Quality Wig Cap

    July 29, 2015, by Karen C - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom

    It OK.

  • Did the job

    July 23, 2015, by Helen W - Buckinghamshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Hid my hair fine, was good fit.

  • Wig Cap

    July 21, 2015, by Malachi L - Devon, UK - United Kingdom

    Very good, as was expected.

  • Products from your company

    June 18, 2015, by Philip F - Middlesex, UK - United Kingdom

    This item finishes off the complete set for my wife and I the delivery was very quick and everything we have purchased from you has been followed up with texts and emails from royal mail. Really good stuff thank you

  • Needed for wig wearers!

    June 15, 2015, by Alice P - County Durham, UK - United Kingdom

    Very useful for keeping your own hair tidied away and ensuring the wig stays in place.

  • Wig cap for wig I bought

    May 27, 2015, by Simon P - Merseyside, UK - United Kingdom

    I bought this item to go with the fancey dress wig I also bought. It helps the wig to fit much better and makes it look great too so yes I'm very pleased and would recommend this too.

  • Wig cap

    April 24, 2015, by Jill R - Coventry, UK - United Kingdom

    Certainly wouldn't call this item quality! The band is much thinner to the one shown and looks like the gusset of a pair of tights. Item was unused and returned.

  • Wig Cap

    December 30, 2014, by Rebecca A - Warwickshire, UK - United Kingdom

    I have never used one of these before when I have previously worn a wig. This is such a simple and good idea! Keeps all your hair in the wig and out of sight. Also prevents an itchy scalp that you sometimes get from wigs!

  • Great

    November 20, 2014, by Claire C - Cheshire, UK - United Kingdom

    This is great for keeping my hair from showing under the wig.

  • Wig cap that fits the bill!

    November 18, 2014, by Kerry K - Essex, UK - United Kingdom

    Just what you said - so pleased - thank you!

  • Good

    November 17, 2014, by Miky B - Chiuduno (bg), Italy (Mainland)

    Nothing to say.

  • Great

    November 6, 2014, by Maria S - Malta, Malta

    Good buy.

  • Wig Cap

    November 5, 2014, by Vivian G - Nottinghamshire, UK - United Kingdom

    It was perfect for my zombie cowboy costume. I had a lot of compliments.

  • Perfect

    November 5, 2014, by Linda Z - West Sussex, UK - United Kingdom

    So easy to use and stayed in place perfectly.

  • Wig Cap

    November 5, 2014, by Linden O - Cornwall, UK - United Kingdom

    Excellent fit, kept all my long hair under the wig.

  • Happy Halloweener

    November 5, 2014, by Julie F - Suffolk, UK - United Kingdom

    A must have under a wig, especially if you have long hair. Can't fault it.

  • Great!

    November 4, 2014, by Joanna K - Kent, UK - United Kingdom

    Great item without it pretty sure my hair would have been all over the place and the wig would have driven me insane!

  • Wig cap

    November 2, 2014, by Helen J - Gwent, UK - United Kingdom

    Brilliant little device so effective - prevented head itching from wig and kept wig in place.

  • Does the trick

    October 30, 2014, by Jennifer S - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom

    Looks like a stocking at first but stretches and is ok.

  • Does the job

    October 27, 2014, by Sarah L - Kent, UK - United Kingdom

    Does what it needs to.

  • Cap

    October 25, 2014, by Anthony R - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom

    Goes very well with the wig.

  • Does The Job

    October 22, 2014, by Denis B - Hampshire, UK - United Kingdom

    It is a good quality wig cap that does the job.

  • Wig cap

    October 22, 2014, by Mair F - Cornwall, UK - United Kingdom

    Wig kept falling off at last year's pantomime. This secures it.

  • Wig cap

    October 21, 2014, by Angie C - South Yorkshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Fits OK does what it says.

  • Returned

    October 20, 2014, by Brian C - Cheshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Sorry about this but I have had to return the Item.

  • Quality wig cap

    October 19, 2014, by Sharon I - Bucks, UK - United Kingdom

    Makes wearing a wig more comfortable especially if you have long hair.

  • Perfect

    October 14, 2014, by Sarah K - Essex, UK - United Kingdom

    Great value for money; does the job and is very comfortable to wear.

  • Great service

    October 6, 2014, by Paras P - Middlesex, UK - United Kingdom

    Great service.

  • Looks like a Pair of Tights!

    October 3, 2014, by Sarah-jane P - Isle Of Man, UK - United Kingdom

    Honestly when it arrived I thought to myself, I could have made this myself from a pair of tights! Actually no, it's a well made useful product & would be very hard & fiddily to try & make yourself.

  • Wig cap

    September 22, 2014, by Naomi T - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom

    A must under any wig, it helps stops that awful head sweat & subsequent head itch that happens.

  • Wig

    September 18, 2014, by Laura H - Clwyd, UK - United Kingdom

    Painful! Dreadful quality!

  • Quality Costumes

    September 13, 2014, by James B - Coventry, UK - United Kingdom

    I was quite impressed with the quality of the costumes, and the customer service/postage experience was excellent.

  • Wig Cap

    August 12, 2014, by Anne T - West Sussex, UK - United Kingdom

    As expected

  • Good

    July 7, 2014, by Jane W - Herefordshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Really helps to get a good fit with thick haired child!

  • Wig cap

    July 7, 2014, by Donna T - Devon, UK - United Kingdom

    A great cap... Kept all my hair tidy under my wig.

  • Great

    July 7, 2014, by Pat M - Eccleshall, UK - United Kingdom

    Just what I wanted, thank you

  • disappointed

    June 25, 2014, by Andrea L - Derbyshire, UK - United Kingdom

    too much like an ordinary stocking top- bit disappointed for the price

  • Quality Wig Cap

    June 17, 2014, by Sue E - Hampshire, UK - United Kingdom

    This cap kept my hair in place and made it much easier to put a wig on top

  • wig net

    May 21, 2014, by Lisa B - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom

    brilliant garment, Having long hair it held my hair really well, so my wig looked more authentic.

  • Quality Wig Cap

    April 16, 2014, by David J - Nottinghamshire, UK - United Kingdom

    As described, a wig cap of quality, delivery was quick, have no qualms..

  • Quality Wig Cap

    March 28, 2014, by Wendy B - Hereford, UK - United Kingdom

    Great. Perfect for keeping my hair under control under the wig.

  • Does the job

    March 23, 2014, by Russell T - Greater London, UK - United Kingdom

    I didn't think i would need this but it stops the wig from slipping and is recommended if purchasing a wig

  • Hair net

    March 17, 2014, by Ruth C - West Lothian, UK - United Kingdom

    Perfect for under your fancy dress wig! Definately recommend!

  • Expensive

    March 11, 2014, by Rachel M - North Yorkshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Fine but ridiculous price even with 25% off. A pair of tights would have worked equally well at a fraction of the cost.

  • Wig cap

    March 10, 2014, by Sylvia B - Dartford, UK - United Kingdom

    Unfortunately this kept slipping off backwards

  • Great service

    March 1, 2014, by Eleanor G - Leeds, UK - United Kingdom

    Very prompt delivery, made my fancy dress wig easier to wear.

  • Glad i bought it...

    February 4, 2014, by Sharon I - West Yorkshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Has it keeps all my hair in nice and tidy, so the my wig looks good tooo.

  • wig cap

    January 31, 2014, by Darren M - Berkshire, UK - United Kingdom

    great held my hair in perfect

  • Quality wig cap

    January 17, 2014, by Melinda N - Surrey, UK - United Kingdom

    This is perfect and does the job surprisingly well. Recommended.

  • Cap

    January 10, 2014, by Elin K - Lancashire, UK - United Kingdom


  • wig cap

    January 4, 2014, by James R - West Sussex, UK - United Kingdom

    works well wig did not move all night

  • Fit like a treat

    November 18, 2013, by Susanna W - Cambridgeshire, UK - United Kingdom

    the wig and cap are great. Fit like a treat. Can't wait for our boogie-night out Christmas party now to show it off.

  • Quality wig cap

    November 8, 2013, by Maxine B - Birmingham, UK - United Kingdom

    Excellent. Held all my hair in place for the entire evening

  • No what you think

    November 7, 2013, by K J W - Uk, UK - United Kingdom

    Does not look like the model- did not have a finished band as displayed, but useful, did not reflect the cost.

  • Wig cap

    November 6, 2013, by Rose R - Birmingham, UK - United Kingdom

    Great item - stayed in place all night!

  • mp

    November 5, 2013, by Mahtab B - Northumberland, UK - United Kingdom

    good item, if you wearing a wig you must have it.

  • perfect

    November 4, 2013, by Carol M - State, UK - United Kingdom

    This kept my wig on and it didn`t move an inch.

  • Pretty good. Didn't think it was worth it but it came in handy

    November 4, 2013, by Russell S - Bristol, UK - United Kingdom

    The wig without the cap was a bit itchy so I ended up wearing it and to be honest it kept the wig in place...I don't think I ever once thought the wig was about to fall off...Not sure if that's what the cap is for but it's good.

  • Does what it suppost to do.

    November 2, 2013, by Vicki R - West Yorkshire, UK - United Kingdom

    I found this wig cap to be on the expensive side. It is basically a pop sock which covers your hair to stop stray bits falling out of your wig. It worked but I would be happier if it had been cheaper.

  • Worth buying

    October 31, 2013, by Andrea M - County Durham, UK - United Kingdom

    Worth buying as it keeps all of your own hair in place and stops the wig from moving about. My wig stayed put all night!

  • great for keeping wigs in place

    October 27, 2013, by Vicky A - West Sussex, UK - United Kingdom

    Wore for quite a few hours and it kept my wig firmly on my head

  • Worth having.

    October 27, 2013, by R F - Derby, UK - United Kingdom

    An really worthwhile improvement to your wig.

  • wig cap

    October 21, 2013, by Paul B - East Sussex, UK - United Kingdom


  • Wig cap

    October 16, 2013, by Anne T - Gwent, UK - United Kingdom

    It's only a bit of stocking but it's perfect to have a good base for the wig, I'm really glad I got it.

  • Wig Cap

    October 15, 2013, by Isabel D - North Yorkshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Very useful to get the most out of your wig.

  • wig cap

    October 7, 2013, by Margaret T - Luton, UK - United Kingdom

    works well, very good idea as I've lots of hair, thick and long and this keeps it under control. arrived in good time.

  • Quality Wig Cap

    October 3, 2013, by Lindsey T - Hampshire, UK - United Kingdom

    Fast, efficient and very well priced - no problems at all - would recommend Jokers Masquerade to everyone.

  • Did what it's supposed to

    September 3, 2013, by Sarah B - Kent, UK - United Kingdom

    The cap did the job and was plenty big enough.

  • Wig cap

    May 16, 2013, by Brian D - Dundee, UK - United Kingdom

    Recommended by you to purchase this but I don't need it.

  • Small accessory yet essential!

    May 7, 2013, by Helen F

    I have mid length curly hair. I tried the wig on without this and the escaping dark hairs looked awful against the blonde. This nifty little item hid them away easily and saved me spending hours poking all the little hairs back in. Jokers were excellent too, very happy with their service.

  • Not essential really

    March 28, 2013, by Iwan E - Bristol, UK - United Kingdom

    I have medium hair and this didn't really help and I didn't use it in the end on the night out.

  • Quality

    November 23, 2012, by Alex F - Midlothian, UK - United Kingdom

    Perfect, as described, essential for comfort

  • Quality Wig Cap

    October 16, 2012, by Pete R - Bristol, UK - United Kingdom

    An essential extra especially for party wigs. quite apart from the look which is much improved, comfort is much improved with this wig cap, at the price it's an essential extra. This was ordered as part of a larger order. as always Jokers' delivered very quickly and with no hassle.