Snazaroo Theatre Blood, 50ml (ref: 11388) DISCONTINUED

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Snazaroo are regarded as one the finest face and body art manufacturers in the business. This Snazaroo Theatre Blood is a fantastic Halloween make-up accessory with its potential to create numerous dripping blood effects.

Theatre Blood is runny and dribbles realistically. Ideal for fake injuries and blood splatters.

  • 50ml Fake Blood.
  • For external use only.
  • Not for use around the eyes.
  • May stain fabric
  • If you need a thicker blood try our gel blood ref 21955.

Sizing not applicable on this product.

  • Material: Water based face and body make up
  • Packaging: Single or Loose Item
  • Product Suitability: Adults & Children - All Ages Over 3 Years (Item Has Small Parts)
  • Geographical Restriction: NOT North America (USA/Canada)
  • CE Mark
  • Bloody Good

    November 1, 2013, by Vincent M - Warwick, UK - United Kingdom

    I bought this at the same time as the Gel Blood, as I couldn't decide which one I would be best to enhance my "Bloody Brain" costume. It was a good addition and was used on the brain, my face and clothing too. It took a little while to dry (on skin and clothes) so some forward planning may be needed. The blood did leave a bit of a stain on my skin, even after a couple of showers I could see faint blood marks. It was finally gone a couple of days later. I haven't even tried to wash it out of my clothes - I assume it will stain, just like the real thing. I used this on a couple of occasions and have more than half of the bottle left. On the whole I was happy with this fake blood, it added nicely to the Blood Brain and there is plenty left to use again next time. If it didn't stain my face I would probably have gone for 5 stars.