Edward Scissorhands Make-Up Kit (ref: 61160) DISCONTINUED

Johnny Depp had the perfect features for his portrayal of Edward Scissorhands. With a little help of some movie make-up his face became pale with deep sunken eyes with scars littering his skin reflecting Edwards uncontrolled use of his scissored hands. This official Edward Scissorhands make-up kit will help you achieve his unconventional looks with minimum effort.

This make-up kit is water washable and as such easily washes off with warm water and soap.

This one kit includes all the items below:

  • cream make-up
  • make-up pallette
  • latex scars with adhesive
  • makeup puff sponge
  • sponge/brush applicator

You will find that many who decide to dress as Edward Scissorhands omit the detail on his face. We believe his face is as much a part of his character as his clothes. Turn a fancy dress costume into a complete character with this easy to use make-up kit.

Sizing not applicable on this product.

  • Packaging: Sealed Blister Pack
  • Product Suitability: Adults & Children - All Ages Over 8 Years (Item Has Small Parts)
  • Geographical Restriction: NOT North America (USA/Canada)

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